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Tree Removal Heidelberg

Simpsons Trees are the experts for tree removal in Heidelberg, having handled Japanese Maples, Plum Trees, Pine Trees and huge gum trees. This makes us the top team for tree removal in Heidelberg.


We employ qualified arborists who use ropes and harness to get the job done. They have the skills to cut off limbs and ground staff then lower the branch to the ground using a rope tied on by the arborist. This form of tree removal in Heidelberg minimizes the risk of damage to surrounding plants and fixtures.


After the job is done, our Heidelberg tree removal specialists will either mulch up the tree, keep it on the premises, or turn it into timber slabs depending on your preferences and the quality of the wood.


All these things mean that for quality tree removal in Heidelberg, you don't have to look any further than Simpsons Trees.


Tree Pruning Heidelberg

Are your trees overgrown, looking shabby or causing a nuisance? Our Heidelberg tree pruning services are the solution for you, as our expert team trim your tree back into top condition.


If your tree is hanging over paths, blocking daylight or causing any other hassles, you could benefit from our Heidelberg tree pruning services.


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