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Timber Shop

Currently this area of our business is under construction. We have timber slabs available for sale in a range of different species:

  • Red Gum
  • She Oak
  • Silky Oak
  • Cypress
  • Red Box
  • Other Gum species

They range in length from 1 — 3 m and the diameters are between 40mm — 100mm, the width of the slab depends on the size of the tree.

The slabs are suitable to use as kitchen bench tops, to make outdoor furniture, indoor furniture or sculpture/artwork.

We are trying to make better use of the trees we cut down, instead of turning it into firewood or mulch. Most of tree trunks are from trees cut down from garden in the suburbs. The trees were unwanted, unsafe and if we didn't cut it down another company would have.

If you want beautiful wood and want to feel good about it, get some of our timber! Please contact Ben on 9438 2238 for exact stock and pricing.