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Tree Removal Melbourne

We can remove any sort of tree, big, small or tricky. We've cut down Japanese Maples, Plum Trees, Pine Trees and monster Gums, making us the top team for tree removal in Melbourne.


These shots above are before and after – just from a different perspective – the curved stairwell is in the back of the first picture. So, if you're getting a tree cut down close to your house, the end result will look similar. See the gallery for the full photo story of this Melbourne tree removal above.


We employ qualified arborists who use ropes and harness {check out Luke in the tree in the picture below}. They have the skills to cut off limbs and ground staff then lower the branch to the ground using a rope tied on by the arborist. This form of tree removal in Melbourne minimizes the risk of damage to surrounding plants and fixtures.


Once the limbs are removed the arborist cuts the trunk off in sections and the ground staff lowers them down as they return to the ground. The trunk can also be felled in a big section if there is space to do so.. 


The tree is mulched up using a wood chipper. The wood will be removed unless at the time of quotation a client asks to keep it. We have a new option that if the tree is suitable and accessible the trunk can be taken away and milled up in to timber slabs suitable for furniture construction or bench tops. Check out our Timber Products page to see what we can do for you.


We have full insurance cover for liability – check out the policy by clicking on the Insurance button on the home page. For quality tree removal in Melbourne, look no further than Simpsons Trees.





Machines vs Muscles

Cherry pickers are used when necessary – we hire and operate as the situation and tree requires.  If a tree looks too dangerous to climb {rotten, bad lean etc.} we engage the services of a trusted Burnley College colleague who specializes in cherry picker work with trees and work together to get the tree down safely and without damage to the surrounding garden.


ABC Gardening Australia tree removal advice: